“The Forgotten” are the solution to our failing Healthcare Crisis

By Anne Savoie

Recently, there was an article published on CBC news website highlighting the poor state of our hospitals. The woman in the article was admitted to the Halifax Infirmary and disrobed from the waist down in front of a custodian (completely unacceptable – like so unacceptable you would fail your exam during practicals in nursing school if you didn’t drape properly), she vomited and was asked to clean it up herself and then the garbage was never changed so you can imagine the stench in that room. I’m sure some of us reading this article have a story similar, or worse.

Our heart strings are tugged. We are mad. We want better and definitely want the system fixed before our loved ones, God forbid, need to go to the hospital.

Who do we call? Where do we write to complain? This is unacceptable!

But there is a way to solve this problem; or at least make a huge dent in the staffing shortages of Nova Scotia hospitals- overnight. No need for extra training. No on boarding costs either in time or money for the hospitals aka the taxpayers- you!

Can you guess what it is?

For anyone reading this who is part of this ‘forgotten group’ I can hear you yelling at me. I know! I know! I see you waving your hand begging to be called upon. It’s so obvious to the people in this group.

For the majority of people that are not part of The Forgotten, they are oblivious. I bet they won’t guess the solution staring them in the face: twenty percent (approximately) increase in healthcare workers, no training, and they can start tomorrow.

Is it foreign trained workers? No.

Is it new grads that need extra supervision and mentor-ship? No.

Is it highly trained healthcare workers with decades of experience? YES!

Remember November 30, 2021: D-Day for people to get their covid-vaccine or be put on unpaid leave? Yup. Those dirty healthcare workers, aka The Forgotten, that didn’t comply. Even the physician that holds patents for the technology required to make “the cure” is one of the biggest proponents against mandates. Wait, you didn’t hear about the co-creator of mRNA technology? You haven’t heard him speak out against the fast rollout of “the cure”? The average person that’s watching mainstream media won’t know his name because the higher powers are censoring people like him, even though he is arguably the most qualified person on the planet to talk about this subject and he isn’t taking kickbacks from big pharma like the “experts’ that are allowed to be on mainstream.

So for anyone who has searched for both sides of the story, hunted a bit further on the internet to actually read the stories that the censored physicians and PhDs are writing, watched the videos that are pulled off of YouTube and have to be loaded instead onto Rumble where censorship is not as strong, we know the answer:

Just hire back the qualified healthcare staff that were put on unpaid leave!

But won’t The Forgotten healthcare workers infect the patients, especially the elderly?

No – because the outbreaks were in the restaurants, the sporting arenas, all the places where the people without “the cure” were not allowed to go for 5 months.

No – because even “the cured” can get infected and spread the virus; “the cure” is not effective.

No – because the virus is 99.997% recoverable.

No – because early treatments bring that percentage to statistically 100% recoverable (more about that in another blog post).

No- because discriminating against a minority group with respect to employment is illegal and morally wrong.

It’s time to hire back our dedicated, experienced healthcare workers.

Our Forgotten workers are the elephant in the room waiting to be rightfully acknowledged.

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How have I been? Well…

How have I been? Well…
I suppose it starts with the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. It was an emotional few weeks, and it culminated in a violent quelling of a peaceful protest, which was perfectly in line with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Section 2(c) (the fundamental freedom of peaceful assembly). It was legal to participate in, and fund, such a gathering until the government decided to pass orders and measures which made it illegal.

Bill 419

Interestingly PHIA already has provisions – 31(l) and 38(1)(g) – which allow for the Minister to collect personal health information for the purpose of planning and management of the health system. It also already contains provisions for the Minister to collect that information for the purposes of creating or maintaining an electronic health record at 31(o). The difference now, however, seems to be that custodians will no longer be able to refuse to disclose your personal health information to the government.


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  1. Can tell ya one thing !! Kentville hospital is absolutely no better in certain fields !! Upon my stay on 3rd floor their toilets are so low to floor they use raised seats with child size potty on them ! You have no idea the times people are peeing on floors or over their feet !