Cathy Jones interviews David Ross of NCI

On behalf of Citizens’ Alliance of Nova Scotia, Cathy Jones interviews David Ross, Director of the National Citizens Inquiry, about recent developments within the organization.

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National Citizens Inquiry – Day 01 Truro, NS

The National Citizen’s Inquiry kicked off on March 16 2023, with the Atlantic portion of the Inquiry being held in Truro, Nova Scotia. The gallery room at the Best Western Glengarry was full all day, with people coming in from all across the Atlantic provinces, and with roughly 11,000 virtual attendees tuning in over the course of the day through various social media and video streaming platforms.

National Citizens Inquiry – Day 03 Truro, NS

The conclusion to the Atlantic portion of the National Citizens Inquiry occurred on March 18th 2023, held at the Best Western Glengarry in Truro, Nova Scotia. Though the gallery started at around 50% capacity in the morning, it was abuzz with excitement, and reached almost 100% capacity by the end of the day. Online stats for the day indicated more than 9000 views across social media platforms, while the total impressions for the event on Twitter exceeded 1.1 million: the event’s Twitter page received a 7% percent engagement rate, which is far higher than the average Twitter engagement rate of 0.05%.

How have I been? Well…

How have I been? Well…
I suppose it starts with the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. It was an emotional few weeks, and it culminated in a violent quelling of a peaceful protest, which was perfectly in line with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Section 2(c) (the fundamental freedom of peaceful assembly). It was legal to participate in, and fund, such a gathering until the government decided to pass orders and measures which made it illegal.


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  1. David Ross and Ches Crosbie are men of integrity. What they’ve accomplished, with the help of many other volunteers and hundreds of witnesses, was truly amazing.

    They have demonstrated such restraint and held themselves to a higher standard over these past several weeks. Rather than airing any grievances publicly, they have risen above the attacks. And for what? Because they are sticking with the original plan…moving on to promoting the commissioners report and holding those responsible for this accountable.

    What has happened over the past few years can NEVER happen again. I thought Nuremberg guaranteed this wouldn’t happen. But here we are.