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The Citizens’ Alliance of Nova Scotia (CANS) is a federally registered non-profit organization that champions public awareness of government actions, decisions and policy through advocacy,  smart activism, education,  awareness training and organizational change management.

We are a grassroots organization made up of professionals, educators and families with big hearts and strong community connections. We are committed to protecting the human and constitutional rights and freedoms of all Nova Scotians.

The record as submitted by the Respondents

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On October 31st 2022, the Respondents in the Strang et al Judicial Review submitted what they term as the record. This data is what was purported to have been used by the Chief Medical Officer of Health in making the decision to impose Covid restrictions on all of the people of Nova Scotia.

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“Never Again Is Now”

August 20th 2022 marked 75 years since the codification of the Nuremberg Code in 1947, an invaluable and internationally recognised document outlining the core tenets of medical ethics. To commemorate the event, Action Alliance, a German activist group, organised a line-up of speakers from across the world to discuss the importance of the Code.

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Judicial Review Update – August

It poured with rain on court day and driving was scary but our eagerness to get to our destination helped keep everyone focussed. We were especially delighted to see the many supporters who came out to join the court session with us (it was a full courtroom!).

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Vigil Held to support a Mother’s right to Choose

At 2pm on August the 18th outside the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a small but supportive crowd of family, friends and concerned parents assembled with messages of love for Samantha Monaghan and her son Luc. The vigil was organised after the IWK denied Samantha the option of giving her own blood to save her son’s life, even though she is a perfect blood match.

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Commenter’s Cafe

These are the experiences of our commenters which we feel are valuable to share. We post them here with no edits within quotes

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Invisible Hands around my throat: Why some people can’t “Just Put one on like everyone else”

I took a deep breath and covered my baby’s face. The invisible hands were choking me as I did it. Those strong hands were tighter than I ever remembered before. But she had to be seen. She has a medical issue and it needs to be taken care of. I kept saying it’s okay, it’s only for a few minutes.. I looked at her beautiful face but only could see her eyes. It’s only for a few minutes…

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Judicial Review update – June

The Citizens’ Alliance of Nova Scotia (CANS) has its next Judicial Review court date on August 31st, in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. The postponement from June 10 was requested by the Respondents and consented to by CANS and our Co-Applicant Party, who joined the proceedings in March. He is a 15-year old youth who is represented by his litigation guardian.

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Funding Archive

On September 02, it was stated that a vaccination pass was under consideration. Mandating such would violate Canadian professional ethics standards and human and constitutional rights and freedoms to name just a few.

In collaboration with Leigh Baker, CANS is helping to support the work going into creating a Position Letter for immediate delivery to key decision-makers in the province. The letter has been written by an experienced Nova Scotia constitutional lawyer and will clearly define all the violations possible should a “Pass” mandate attempt to be implemented provincially.

Please consider supporting this very important cause as we continue on our collective journey to ensure the preservation of our rights and freedoms.

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A society where governments and their agents are held accountable by an engaged citizenry and where transparency in government actions and decisions is the default.

An aware collective with a strong focus on actions that nurture and protect our future generations, are informed by our collective history and which support our love of home, family and faith in the supremacy of God, the Great Creator, with committed real time action to achieve such a future for Nova Scotians to come.


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To enable and support human and constitutional rights and freedoms through fund-raising, community engagement and smart activism.

To nurture a safe, healthy and economically thriving environment for our future generations through education and awareness-training.



To organize and streamline the efforts of groups working toward the same vision and mission as CANS; we will achieve this by offering a space for like-minded groups, families and individuals to speak, share resources, collaborate on actions and engage with each other without fear of censorship.


To hold responsible parties accountable for any actions and measures that violate the human and constitutional rights and freedoms of Nova Scotians; we will achieve this by engaging in legal proceedings as well as civic education and awareness sessions.


To rebuild our communities which were negatively affected by political and public health misinformation and propaganda; we will achieve this by enabling networks of doers across the province and applying organizational change management best practices as we transition to a more just future.

Protect our Future Generations

To protect the education and development of our precious future generations; we will achieve this by encouraging and supporting alternative learning systems that are inclusive, collaborative and relevant to our current and desired future state.

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