Judicial Review update – June

What is the next Judicial Review proceedings date?

The Citizens’ Alliance of Nova Scotia (CANS) has its next Judicial Review court date on August 31st, in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. The postponement from June 10 was requested by the Respondents and consented to by CANS and our Co-Applicant Party, who joined the proceedings in March. He is a 15-year old youth who is represented by his litigation guardian.

Where are we at?

The Judicial Review is at the “Motion for Directions” stage. We are fine-tuning the necessary scope of the application and await disclosure of the “Respondents’ Record”, which is the information relied upon by them in issuing the Orders of the Chief Medical Officer of Health and embedded protocols mandating “proof of Covid-19 vaccination” and continued masking (from October 1, 2021 forward). 

The Government’s Record is key to understanding the Respondents’ decisions to impose substantial, prolonged, life-altering restrictions and requirements on the people of Nova Scotia. Once the Respondents’ Record is filed with the Court, the presiding Justice will determine whether the Orders and protocols, particularly the “proof of COVID-19 vaccination” provisions, have been reasonable and lawful.

What do we need?

We need donations to help with our ongoing legal actions as we continue to stand for the constitutional and human rights of Nova Scotians.

We are also putting a call out for new members to sign-up with CANS as strength in numbers is important for our efforts! Although the focus of our legal work is province-wide, building community and enabling organized collaborations and furthering public education are equally important moving forward. 

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Judicial Review update: April

All motions were granted by the court; a much desired outcome for CANS and its members: “The Applicant, Citizens’ Alliance of Nova Scotia (CANS), comes before this court seeking to engage the Judiciary to perform a vital and rigorous ‘check’ among the ‘checks and balances’ integral to Canada’s constitutional democracy. The Applicant is asking the Judicial branch of government to take a critical look at decisions and actions taken by the Executive branch of government to determine if they are reasonable and lawful”

How have I been? Well…

How have I been? Well…
I suppose it starts with the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. It was an emotional few weeks, and it culminated in a violent quelling of a peaceful protest, which was perfectly in line with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Section 2(c) (the fundamental freedom of peaceful assembly). It was legal to participate in, and fund, such a gathering until the government decided to pass orders and measures which made it illegal.

Bill 419

Interestingly PHIA already has provisions – 31(l) and 38(1)(g) – which allow for the Minister to collect personal health information for the purpose of planning and management of the health system. It also already contains provisions for the Minister to collect that information for the purposes of creating or maintaining an electronic health record at 31(o). The difference now, however, seems to be that custodians will no longer be able to refuse to disclose your personal health information to the government.


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